Monday, March 26, 2018


Last year, upon giving birth to my 2nd, a lot of things happened. Work started pouring in, opportunities started filling my cup it was overflowing and so does my duties as a mother of two. Everything doubled up except for my wallet.

I have a lot (if I wasn't too tired to brainstorm by the end of the day) to pin down here in my precious blog BUT, time was envious of me and my biological clock was no longer a teenager so, I skipped through blogging the biggest event of my life which is (1) the 15 minutes birth of our darling CL and all the easy postpartum and confinement, (2) the successful story of how I managed to fully breastfed my baby for 7 months, (3) how we planned the biggest event throughout my carrier, (4) how we had to live without daddy for 3 months, (5) Belle’s first day of Preschool and now, we're moving to a new place!

A lot of this event, I might or might not have blogged about in my DAYRE but then, DAYRE decided to go bye-bye. I felt betrayed! There go my babies' milestones and my terrible rambles. haha. (hey, rambles are proof of my existence)

This year, as I continued painting my face with the never ending batch of makeup, I decided hey, why not rock the boat even harder and do this blog some justice.

Just as that thought pops in, I find myself attending a Parents related event. What a coincidence, right? Me, a parent, attending a relevant event with my 2 babies and telling myself I CAN DO THIS when I almost gave up before I left the house.

If you didn’t already know, The Parents Avenue Magazine was founded by this ambitious mother of two right here, Stella Mathilda.

2018 is the second year of them organizing the cover search for Parents Avenue. I remember the long lines of babies, toddlers and children in particular trying out their luck for the competition on 2017. It was overwhelming.

The stage area was crowded with parents, families, etc. I totally forgot how doing a cover story is this tiring so, bear with me. This is rule one of being a blogging mama (1) don’t bring your kids to work.

Opening act by Beautiful Ballerinas of Charlotte Dance Studio.

The participants are all so adorable, thank God I can nibble on my baby's cheek if not, I can only admire from afar.
Competition divided into 2 categories.
1. Category A (Newborn to 18 months)
2. Category B (5yrs to 12yrs)

This year they have added a special category which is The Special Pregnant Mom Category.

Here are some photos from the event from a mother with a sleeping baby in her stroller (woke up 1.5 hours before the event wraps) and a hyperactive toddler who kept telling me this three things, (1) lets go home, (2) it's time to go home and (3) play bubbles at home.

I was thirsty and hungry throughout the whole event so here comes rule two of being a blogging mama (2) don’t go to work with an empty stomach. Thank God the kids were fed prior to going there.

This talented young magician here from MADS Imagination that couldn't help me distract Belle from that 3 proposal (until the dad came and help take her for a tour around Suria Sabah). MAD Imaginations was awesome by the way. They're the only reason why it is okay to dance (with a baby in my arms) to a Baby Shark song in the centre of a crowded shopping mall.

The thing I love about this event is how well they managed the time. Started at 2pm and ended just before 5pm which is as timely as a Parent (like me). No long waits, not so much commercials in between the program etc. Perfect for me (at least) as I was already thinking of going home to bath, feed my kids and most of all, get through KK City traffic. I was getting anxiety. Thank God for the perfect tentative. Please tell me an awesome parent did it with parent like me in their mind. haha. jk.

Annie-ways (thanks again annie)... here are the winners for all of the category.

Category A

Winner : Tristan Xavier
Taking home Rm800 cash, trophy, certificate, sponsors gifts and be on the cover of Parents Avenue Magazine.

1st runner up : Zephaniah Isley
Taking home Rm500 cash, trophy, certificate and sponsors gifts

2nd runner up : Tristan Lim
Taking home Rm200 cash, trophy, certificate and sponsors gifts

Category B

Winner : Quenisha Lo
Taking home Rm800 cash, trophy, certificate, sponsors gifts and be on the cover of Parents Avenue Magazine.

1st runner up : Umaiyaal Theui Ramu
Taking home Rm500 cash, trophy, certificate and sponsors gifts

2nd runner up : Avan Sundavan
Taking home Rm200 cash, trophy, certificate and sponsors gifts

Special Pregnant Mom Category

Winner : Chloe Nicole Majinbon
Taking home Rm800 cash, trophy, certificate and sponsors gifts

Each finalist takes home took home trophy, certificate and sponsors gifts

This sums up to the final rule to being a blogging mama (3) Take photos of yourself before the event, before all the chaos; which I didn't so I didn't have a proper OOTD of the day. So here’s the only proper photo I had and it’s not even a solo one haha but this is life with kids now and who says it is not relevant to this event anyways.

Cheers to every parent alike.

Until the next post. May your patience be with you and stress be without you.

Monday, May 15, 2017


I'm 38 weeks pregnant now!!

I can't recall the last time I had a pregnancy update up on my blog.

And I'm already tired of this pregnancy. I feel so heavy. Sleeping at night is a joke! Imagine having a bowling ball dropped on your tummy everytime to try to lay down. Lets just look at it this way, laying down, making a turn, trying to stand up from a seat, trying to get up from the bed etc. it's the same feeling and I have never cursed this much my whole life!!

Last night my first born jumped on my previous scar. I was terrified because it felt like something ripped inside. It was an excruciating 1 minutes pain and I feel like I'm gonna start bleeding but I didn't and I'm so thankful for it.

H went back to his hometown for 5 days. It was his sister's wedding.

The "best" part is that, I haven't even packed my hospital bag yet 😅. I just packed my hospital bag yesterday, upon posting this.

Also, I've been getting this weird headache since week 37, told the midwife about it and the told me to consistently take my meds. As long as I don't have SOB then, I'm proclaimed fine.

Anyways.. here's a summary of my 38 weeks pregnancy..

How far along?
38 Weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:
13kg. wohoo!

Stretch marks?
Just the old ones.

So hard. So painful.

Best moment this week:
I finally bought some new clothes for the baby (neutral colours), stuffs for my postpartum and breastfeeding journey. I feel like I didn't have to buy a lot of things this time around. With Belle, I purposely bought a mixed of everything so the baby sister/brother can just wear them later without having to buy new specific colour. Although it really is doesn't matter.

Miss anything?
Being normal again. To be able to twist and turn on bed normally, get out of bed normally, walk properly and.. run, please!

A lot! Tummy gets tight and so uncomfortable at times but it's a sign my baby is doing great.

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Thank God that has passed.

Gender: We've decided to just wait.
Labor signs: Braxton hicks, increased discharge (sorry, tmi)

Tightening, Braxton Hicks.

Belly button in or out?Out.
Wedding rings on or off? off. Not because I was bloating. Just took it off.

Happy or moody most of the time?
Emotionally, it's a struggle.

Looking forward to:
A healthy baby. Giving birth normally without induction and within this period given.

I will miss this sort of uninterrupted sleep and smooth sailing days with Belle after this but I really can't go on with my days feeling the pain in my belly and like my husband mentioned, being a slow loris. I know it will be hard too. But my husband is starting to learn the basics of helping me around the house and I hope he will continue doing so.

Please pray for my safe delivery. If not this week, the week after.
Have a nice day ahead.


Sunday, March 26, 2017



I didn't have a lot of changes to record this week but I did have panic attack the day I went for a 4 days course outside town.

Belle was in her 4-5 days of Chicken Pox when I flew to Tawau. It was so hard for me to leave because she was so clingy and didn't want anyone else than me. My eyes was flooding with tears when I leave the house. She was screaming! I texted my sister as soon as I reached the airport. Apparently, Belle cried herself to sleep. #guiltymom Thank God her fever was under control that night. I told my sister everything there is to know and Belle was doing fine aside from the constant crying after scratching the scabs.

Also, I almost didn't make it to Tawau because I didn't have a doctor's letter (that permits me to fly) lol. Thank God the kind lady at the counter helped me fill in a form and I was able to board both flight BKI-TWU.

The night we settled in our hotel room, I had a mild bleeding. I PANICKED! My belly was lighter than usual and I had some sort of sharp pain down there. Only on day one though. The whole 4 days I stayed in our room (off course schedule) while the others went shopping because I was afraid that moving so much might trigger something else.

Anyways, everything went fine. Hubs and Belle came to pick me up at the airport after the course ended and I was glad to see Belle in such good health.

Baby is currently still breech, my HB level is below normal and I can't fit into my clothes anymore, it's driving me nuts!! I don't feel like buying new clothes because I am (if VBAC wasn't an option) 6 weeks away from meeting our 2nd baby. I haven't been gaining much weight but I feel like everything is wider. It's so confusing.

4 weeks left before our obgyn decides. Here's a summary of the current week.

How far along?
32 Weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:
5.4kg. My weight had been the same this month.

Stretch marks?


 Postpartum needs #1 breastfeed and pump at ease!!

Best moment this week:
Belle healed from chicken pox! Bought some baby & postpartum stuff.

3 months supply of Belle's diaper lol.  RM8x (I forgot actual price, sorry) instead of RM129.x we usually buy. Such a bargain!

Miss anything?
Just my normal weight.

I actually forgot to record today because Belle had my phone all day.

Been tracking baby movement using the fetal kick app. The doctor had me started counting on baby kicks but I tend to forget recording them down. So this app had been saving my life. Baby's doing great!

Anything making you queasy or sick?
non in particular. Still dislike the smell of coffee.

Gender: We've decided to just wait.
Labor signs: Braxton hicks here and there.

Tightening, Braxton Hicks.

Belly button in or out?Out.
Wedding rings on or off? on.

Happy or moody most of the time?

Looking forward to:
A healthy baby.

I've been so consistent this last trimester, I actually updated a week early. lol