Saturday, March 12, 2016


Yep. It's so long ago that I started to blog. It's a norm, it's something I really look forward to doing but not get to do because I am just to occupied. Not complaining though.

I started actively blogging since I was in college. I can cook up a blogpost every single day and don't mind stamping only selfies in each post. Yes, I was that vain.

But blogging is just a platform for me to let to, to talk about the things I love, the experience I was going through living far away from home and some drama along the way. I was naive, I didn't have a theme for my blog and I post everything like eating rice. I never thought of the consequences and just publish everything. That was long time ago.

Up until now, I still don't know what I want for my blog. Thus, I put the tagline, lifestyle blog because I just love everything. I'm the one who does everything, I don't stick to one thing and one thing only That's the problem. I do love how I can still write whatever I like, state my opinion and just overall, write.

I feel blogging today have changed in so many ways. Some people doing it for the purpose of money alone, going internet famous etc. Mind sets are different now. Quality of photos plays a huge role into gaining readers and even flat lay is important! I feel so outdated.

Blogging is not something you start today and achieve tomorrow. It's a long process. It's harder to gain followers through blogging than other social medias like instagram, facebook, twitter etc. probably because blogging takes up a lot of time and time is something people have so little of nowadays. Everyone is on the go, always on their feet because time ain't waiting for anybody. That is why social media gains more favor than the old school blogging.

People can easily state their opinions right on instagram and twitter, they cut to the chase, only the highlighter issue and points; no ramblings whatsoever. It's easy. It's even easier to make money through social media nowadays.

So, is blogging still in?

I'm not giving up blogging anytime soon and I feel people like you who reads and people like me who writes is what makes blogging still up and running 'till this days. Blogging is like writing books. It's a very long state of mind, your own and readers tends to only highlights the things they feel related to but if one important word doesn't make sense, you read the whole sentence. One sentence is an extended version of the other, it explains, elaborates, it makes readers want to continue reading. That is why books are still around even though digital ones are easier to carry and doesn't takes up too many space. The experience is different.

With that I'd say yes, blogging is still in. Why? Because there are people out there who are amazing writers, helpers who puts amazing write ups, this writers who just have a presence in their writings. This people who deserve audience. Because highlights is nothing without a good base (sounds like I'm doing makeup).

So, hello you who's reading this and thank you.



Makeup is like a staple in my daily morning routine. I wear them 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekend if I feel like it (weekend is makeup free day).

My makeup collection had gotten out of hand but still kept on pilling without a proper use of the products I bought. I have this itch when it comes to buying makeup. I knew that I probably don't need more, that I have enough, that I already have enough nude palette, that I already have enough coral blush etc. BUT one nude palette is never enough (my brain told me). So, I kept on buying and buying and buying and life goes on.

So, that's probably the reason why I have makeup every single day to work. It's because I want to make use of the makeup I bought. I have like 5-6 palette that I just keep and seldom use, face powders that are either the wrong shades or just not doing me justice that I hoard and never threw away.

Believe me, I threw so many unused skin care products and makeup that had expired because I just have too many.

...BUT, like food, makeup make me happy. Putting on makeup is like a therapy for me. I just love how everything slowly emerge into something colourful, bold and really changes your look.

I know, not everyone likes putting on makeup. If you use the wrong technique, you either end up looking like a pancake or a drag queen. I'm also aware that going natural is the best because, lets face it, everyone loves a clean face. My opinion is that, you go with your guts. You do you, I'll just do me.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016


This is not the typical motivational long essay, so if you're feeling down, you have this huge wall when it comes to skin well, I am on your side. So don't further read this if you are trying to make yourself happy about your skin.

well now.

I hate my skin. My skin is my biggest insecurity since my teenage years. I hate that I was exposed to makeup so early but NOBODY told me to properly cleanse my skin. NOBODY.

My cousin told me that things would get better after I finish high school but no. It's the same as it is.

In high school, I had the worst whitehead, blackhead combination and its even worst when I was on my period.

The first time I met my then boyfriend, he was as disgusted as I was towards my skin. Imagine being told directly and even worst, being compared to others.When he points and talk about people with troubled skin, I feel so bad. It felt like I was the one being looked at and told how bad my skin is.

Those dermatologist visit were so tempting but I didn't have the cash for it. So I stroke that off the list.

Those terrible traditional acne remedies were even worse. "wipe your face with used men underwear" is the worst of all. I never did it though. Although I do wonder many times if it worked.

Feeling good about your skin is easier said than done. I don't like it when people who have occasional breakout telling others that they have acne, suffering from acne etc. because it clearly not the truth.

So what I did was pilled lots and lot of makeup assuming I'd look better but it got worse.

The thing is that, I never knew how sensitive my skin had become from all those product testing and it got so irritated I stopped using products for a long time. My skin kind if recovered.

After that I slowly learn to properly cleanse and discovered how makeup made me touch my face less. I got to know my skin better and use only the basics.

This might be the most unfiltered, raw, unedited, live, straight from the SD card photo I've posted my whole blogging years but I basically don't really care anymore. I am happily married, have a beautiful daughter and my husband loves me as I am, so I have no complains to that.

My acne problem had gotten better. It got a lot better after I gave birth. Probably the hormone changes but this doesn't apply to everyone though. Please don't take this as something to look forward too.

If you can, eat better, exercise and try to keep your hands off your face.