Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clam - ing at Tuaran

last time, the fiancee mms me a pic of smoked clam. I was like yummy. I didn't even know how it taste like. so last saturday, he took me to that exact place. Very kampung-kampung place. Not very welcoming and its by the road.

credits to the fiancee

When I was younger momma always say, "Jangan bili itu makanan yang kana jual di tepi-tepi jalan. bukan bersih tu. banyak habuk masuk dalam tu makanan. Nanti sakit perut."
But I'm all grown up now. tee hee

Can't wait to dive in.
It took like 20minutes to cook. I was like,"lama juga ni..". 
then the fiancee replied," sabar bha"
lol. So tidak sabar punya orang kan?

We shared 1 coconut drink. lol. Drinking it all by myself then the fiancee said,"nanti habis tu~

Honestly, I need like 3 rounds baru satisfied, or maybe more. But first time trying, I even ate some of the fiancee's. It tasted really good. 
For those living in Sabah, I think you know this place. Its beside that highway we slalu pass if we're going back Ranau. Not jalan Tambunan. That place yang memang famous for its pudding kelapa. So nice.

Once you tried it.. Garenti mau lagi especially local girls yang suka makan masam2 punya barang. lol. I'm not saying its sour la..

all my love, 

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