Tuesday, June 1, 2010

KDCA with Joanna

Yesterday I went to KDCA with Joanna. On the way there there's this ambulance coming from behind so we have to make way right? This proton behind was like in a hurry, come on.. I know it was tremendously and extremely jammed and packed with people, go ahead and park your car on the road divider if you want to but at least make way for someone to save life. What an idiot. That proton almost hit our car.

Like I said, Harvest festival or Kaamatan like we called it, is the time where Payung* is a hit. Sold out - almost. Why? First, its freakishly hot. Second, when the Bobohizan zaps her wand *tee hee just kidding*, well, usually it'll be raining during this time. Guaranteed.

Its was raining heavily so we only manage to take some pictures. sigh~ we even walk through the rain. Never thinking 'bout how my make up will melt down. 
Joanna was being funny. While we were walking in the rain she said, ' Jangan saja bapa sa nampak la. Nanti dia blang " ko tidak balik! Sepa suru ko main hujan? ". lepas tu kana kajar ni pakai papasut. berlari trus keliling ni KDCA kana kajar pakai papasut.' haha..

Sign the guess book Joanna.

I heart this picture. Credits to Joanna.

aw.. Joanna and the scare crow.

I love this guy. Super talented.

We're stuck in the selling booth when the rain decided to pour in like.. well, we ended up buying bracelet and that gorgeous cap there. haha. Nothing like the best place to get stranded. 

Mine. Combination with guitar strumming. excellent!

P.S Rupanya the ambulance earlier pgi ambil this guy yang colapse at KDCA. Tp memang suffocating oo being in those crowded place.

Thanks Joanna.

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