Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Water Moments

I should've put the title 'Sky So High 2' because I took this photo along with the "Sky So High" photos. But this is not a sky photo so lets just stick with the current title.

I didn't manage to go all the way up because there's this small voice in my head saying " What if you slips and fall into the water?" I wish I had a water proof camera so I won't worry myself thinking about all the little things and miss those wonderful stuff that would only come maybe, once in my life. That's when I will totally miss out on life.

I'm going to challenge myself and try to climb Mount Kinabalu next year. By then, I would need a wonderful camera to capture all the beautiful moments. Thats when Sony TX5 will come in handy.. Its water proof, Its Shock proof, Temperature proof (who knows how cold it will be up there tight?) and of course dust proof.
I take pictures even in cars so I bet you can imagine how blur some of the shot could be, and having to delete the suppose-to-be a great shot really suck. But with this, it even capture Clear and sharp images in low-light environment

P/s Crystal clear water. Can I at least imagine I was in my bathing suit and having a great time in that water? A girl can dream. tee hee. Hands up Sony TX5, you're under arrest for being water proof. I need you badly.

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