Sunday, August 8, 2010

Charity Concert Part 1

at last the concert went on smoothly as planned. all the hard work came down to this. all the pictures and video are in Joanna's Hp. Hope to see it soon. I'm so happy. I'm doing charity, what else can I ask for right?
singing the second medley
sang Taylor swift *fav* and Miley Cyrus medley

wif beney who sang you raise me up beautifully
Question : what do you think of my dress?
let me intro you for that. my friends said I looked like Alice in wonderland. lol. how bout you?

My fav act of the night, the street dance. I'm ssoo in love with his performance.
"I want nobody, nobody but you *clap clap*"

This is what we came down to as family: success

my fav pic.

to be continued..

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