Saturday, September 25, 2010

days gone by

The morning sunrise peaks between the shades, waking me up but I turned away and sleep all morning and dream.
 The good old days. I've been listening to soothing sounds of Priscilla Ahn. 2010 came and is going by so quickly. Its almost October. mid semester test starts 03October, final paper starts 08November. Its like only yesterday the cat fights starts and now, looking back I thought to myself how did I let myself down so much only expecting people to pick me up and continue with life when all this while I can do it on my own. Its not even Christmas and yet I'm reminiscing on my faults already.

I admit that I miss everything along 2010. My ups and downs. I was blessed, I'm thankful to be. I realize something I never did noticed before. Before I know it, I'm 3months away from being a young adult who knows nothing about life. I need to act my age which I constrain myself so badly from becoming. In the end I'm going to be exactly like my mum and yea, I realize my soul mate is exactly like my dad which I discovered sometime after we got engaged. I love him.

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