Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm a sucker for Japanese foods. Ok! I won't bluff. I'm a sucker for Japanese and Chinese foods.
Took this photos when the fiancee and I went to eat at Wagamama Japanese Restaurant, Luyang.


Of course we should have sushi. My favorite -  Salmon and Fish eggs. ( not the actual name)
This 3 in a plate actually cost Rm15. I can buy that lovely necklace with that. If you only knew how small this dish was. One go in my mouth, chew for 5sec then tadaa.. gone!

 Tempura Set for him ;)

 Kim chi set for me =)
He wanted to have Kim chi too but, we decided to have two different dishes so we can taste everything.

 I didn't try this one. It looked weird. Mee Hoon topped with thousand island sauce. euu.

 It's always the best way to end a delicious Japanese meal with a cup of green tea.

 ate my favorite food today. Thanks laogong~
I'm so happy they've opened another branch at Survey Penampang. 
So near to your house oo Joanna Q.

I wonder if Cassandra C had tried this takoyaki yet or not. It seems, she haven't. On her blog she wrote, *...change my perception bout Japanese food*. I guess she doesn't like Japanese foods like I do. And yea, I don't care if anyone show me a picture of that man with maggots in this brain just because he ate too much sushi. It won't change the fact that I love what I love. 

I'm really sleepy. I think my english went ballistic on me. I'll redo this again tomorrow. or maybe I should let it be so you all can laugh at how bad my english is. 

OH. So today I would like to announce that my favorite ice cream flavor is going to be Choc-Mint Chip just cause I ate it today with the fiancee while watching him play Assassin Creed 2 on my laptop. 


aiwei said...

I din know you are engaged already!congrats on tat...kind of late haha

my favorite japanses food is unagi <3333

aestherlyienda said...

haha. yea I'm happily engaged. thanks. unagi is that eel right? I might as well google it. =)

SanDraSYN said...

oredy did moi...=)
ok juga..but i dun like tat sauce bah..tu bulat2 i like la juga...hehe
bah wen ur turn to try my fav food?