Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

About 2/3 years ago when I first started my studies I was shocked to read the news about a girl who went missing and then found stuffed in a bag. She was raped, abused and done everything until she was unrecognisable. She was far from being that sweet girl in a picture distributed among the people in search for her.

Same goes to a child stuffed in a bag and thrown into a lake in Australia. That child was also sexually abused.

After that, the news were flooded with child abuse article. Everyday a child suffer from abusive parents, kidnapped and killed, some are sold for money. 

Mothers, fathers, they are all the same. Humanity had long gone down the drain. I even stumbled into a pornography involving children.

So this is my pledge..

Stop Child Pornography! It's a terrible act of humanity even for those whose watching it. Imagine if it's our own sister, daughter, cousins or friends. The people who watch child pornography is a criminal of humanity. 
Stop Child Prostitution! Whether they want it or not, they're still to young to make decision on their own. We as adults knows whats best for them. Cherish them and protect them not the other way around.

"we stop searching for monsters under our beds when we realize it's inside us."

People would kill to get what they want but you know what? As long as we keep on fighting for them, this thing will end. We are not God to punish people who does so but we will fight for their right. So here is my hand. Take it and together, we can stop child abuse.
Give our future generation a happy and healthy life. They have the right to grow up, protected from being hurt and mistreated.

What's keeping you? Raise your hand. Act.


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chell said...

I'm totally agree with you, spread the awareness of child abuse because one person definitely can make a difference. thanks for sharing this