Friday, November 26, 2010

you have spoken through my language

27544.) How come you never appreciate anything i do.
27541.) The memories I once held closest are the ones I now genuinely wish I could scrape away at every piece that remained in my mind until they were completely obliterated.
27525.) I just want to go back to being a little kid again, life was so much easier. I miss sitting at home watching cartoons all the time, playing with my toys, going outside and just being feeling so worry less. What I'd do to have those days back again. Life is just starting to go by too fast, please slow down...
27516.) I remember how we talked all through the night till the sun arose. You and I both had feelings for each other and to this day I still think about you everyday. I still think you’re an amazing person and I want you to know this. I feel like you gave up on me, but in my mind I force myself not to believe it. I felt like I didn’t get the proper chance. But please… let’s go back to how it was. Just you and me. Please..I’m desperate to talk you all over again. If I could go back in September, I would. To begin where were first started. I miss it. I miss you. 

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