Monday, December 6, 2010

Fishing Season and Air tickets.

It's fishing season in my house. Everyones in the mood for fishing. That includes the fiancée. But, no worry, as long as they bring back something to cook in the kitchen, the housewives approves everything. Better than they're out all night clubbing, drinking and wasting money right? It's advent after all.

case : My dad just got back from deep sea fishing. OMG! Satisfaction. There's this one big fish, it was so big I can't even lift it up. The size of it wow, the height is 3/4 compare to me. I did took a photo of it but I won't post a picture of me in my pyjama and since that fish stained my cloth, I double won't-post-a-picture-of-me-in-my-pyjama.
 That fish we all love to eat so much, whats that called again? Kerapu? Anything that rhyme with that is like Oh, it's going to be heaven once it's cooked.

Thats BIG I tell you. Don't believe me? lets do a comparision with other fishy. Just browse under.

 how big is that?

Defining Air tickets.

If you're a student, matured enough not to ask money from your parents, please don't buy air tickets at the last minute. It make you want to slit your throat and exchange it for a flight ticket.

means, you'll end up like me. Thats what you get for being so picky ess-therr.
"time is money"

I'm going to feed myself grasses and rocks when I start my next semester. Congratulation.