Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shakespeare's In love, PSP and dentist

I watched Shakespeare's In Love last night. Err, I finish watching in two nights actually. There was so many interruption going on. I had to cut it short every time. It was such a good movie. Skipped some of the @#$% scenes but the words, oh, how come people can be so poetic and charming at the same time? The Sonnet was a winner. My favorite of all time. Such gifted person. Shakespeare I meant. Oh, Gwyneth was beautiful as always. I've always liked her. Oh. Ben Affleck was in the film. The women who played Queen Elizabeth scares me.
I mean look at her. She looks like that mean cat from Cinderella. It's like she has no hair and that wig is stuck onto her head with super glue so it won't fall.

 Oh. Did I mention 13 Academy Award Nomination ?

Been busy playing the PSP, I totally forgot about updating my blog. The thing I was attach to is charging now so I got myself doing some blog update in my living room while watching the Asian Games Rhythmic Gymnastic's repeat telecast. My dad's being cute interpreting them. haha. What a girly thing to do yes? 

Oh. Been playing this on the PSP


Played it before on PS1 but the disc gone missing. Oh. I'm such an old fashion gamer. But it fills up my time and I'm happy playing it even for hours.

p/s I went to the horrible dentist yesterday. Got that really annoying teeth pulled out. Thanks to the dentist, I'll be visiting them again pretty soon because she fractured my teeth, almost half of it. That's what you get for going to a cheap government clinic, they're going to make you teethless then offer you an inexpensive false teeth.

stay away!


SGRMSE. said...

i love that picture on your sidebar! did you draw that by hand?? :O

aestherlyienda said...

oh. nope. I stumble upon it sometime ago. love it so much too.