Friday, February 4, 2011

Cuising Malacca etc

Hello peeps. How's holiday going? I hope it was great. Whether you're sitting alone minding your own business in that small dormitory, hanging around with friends, going around collecting that red packets or just being with someone you care most, I wish you a great day.

Oh me? Thanks to all my beautiful friends, we finally conquer Malacca. Now, as much as I hate History back in the school days, A Famosa is no longer a picture I interpreted from books I read since I started taking history lessons.

Thank you so much to our course mates for driving us crazy, tiring and exciting CNY in Malacca. I tell you, I never seen so many tang lung in one neighborhood. All the pretty lights and crowded places, I still want to be there. There's so many more places we haven't been too. Malacca, you thought me how to drink most stomach filling, thick banana juice in a tremendously big glass.

We also went to i-city, tour around Shah Alam with some crazy friends we meet there, watched the sun rise at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, had dinner together, lunch and breakfast; It's was all memories.

It's not as luxurious as others may think, or some might have said, I've been there, done that. but the one thing I cherish most is that memories are different and I am thankful to have that day. I might not have that moment when we sang together in the car along the road trip or laugh at the point when people thought we are Indonesian, Korean, Thailands, that funny smiley specs a friend brought even the time when we drive around Chow Kit Road and actually saw this pretty and tall Transvestite. So Slim.

 That exciting moment when we bought our lovely hats. The shop owner actually thought we were tourist. 
scene 1 
shop owner : All this.. is Rm10 (pointing at the whole rack figuring what to say next)
Me and the girls : eee.. sa mau oh.
Shop owner : Cermin ade kat dalam.

The shop owner must have thought "oh. orang Malaysia rupanya" but then, they the other lady asked us if we were Indonesian.  lol.

It was tiring but, I want to do it again.

My tired face along River Cruise, Malacca.
It was indeed cherished.

P.s : Coming home, I think I've lost a couple of pounds from all that walking and laughing.

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