Saturday, February 26, 2011

I heart you - life

I'm sad and happy at the same time for tomorrow is going to be the last event I'll be participating in this college. The very last event I'll be doing as a dancer and singer all together in one ceremony at UKM. I'll cry my heart out after this. I'll truly miss this moment. Practice, stress, the choreography, the heartache, the tiredness, the one month of non stop events and a week of distance between it, everything. I'm so gonna pile this up in my brain and never erase it off.

I wish this never ends. I wish I had gone to an art school instead. But I've longed to be an environmentalist since I was young. I never thought my passion in art has brought me so far and now it's overpowering me.

I wish I never have to leave college. But then I'll grow old here and never experience life outside campus. So I'll go with the flow. 

Something came knocking on my door recently. It's that thing I call decision and warm sensational feeling.

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