Saturday, February 19, 2011

life rush


Woke up today with my towel still wrapped around my head and of course semi wet hair. And what do I get? A flash back of what happened last night and an 8.00am bus rush leaving for Batu Caves. 

Seriously, I feel like my whole knee is coming off after that 5 rounds of ups and downs the 272 stairs of mercy. My patella shakes like crazy every time I reach the top. Still, it was a wonderful experience.

I think I've lost another couple of pounds due to all bread diet I've been having this past days. I just don't find the time to take a couple of minutes and eat heavily. It's either practice, competition or something exciting to enjoy that keeps me moving and moving. I'll let them call me anorexic when I come home for the holidays this March.

What I love most about the trip was the fact that I have my friend Diana from Sarawak, the two guys from peninsular and us Sabahan girls sitting in one table, saying our own before meal prayers and eat together like a family. I love that so much. It's like there's no boundaries in achieving friends like this. I have like, brothers and sisters here.

Got back around 2.00pm and went straight to dance practice until 4.00pm. Stayed around the netball court supporting our course mates for netball final (we won!) then.. heading our for practice again tonight. SOMEONE SHOOT ME ON THE HEAD NOW!

P/S Anyone from UKM? It'll be lovely to meet you guys there next week.

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