Saturday, March 12, 2011

FEB '11 : Voice from the heart

On the 25 and 27 of February, after winning 2nd in our college's Idol I took a deep breath representing them to the UKM Voice Of Unity competition. Having to sing a patriotic song and a last minute change really do effects my performance. All the technical difficulties, the lyrics but I never aim for being the winner. I have the best coach in college. It was his words that allows me to be who I made myself to be that day.

after the whole thing

"If you sing to show off your vocal capabilities then, just sing. You can sing. Thats not a problem, but I prefer someone who sings from the heart because when we sing from the heart, we touch millions of hearts out there and honestly, if you're a performer the only thing to be concern of is can you make people see you more than someone with vocals magnitude."

I did blog about the Idol that made me feel so out of my head. 

I've also, on February, done a duet with my charming classmate in conjunction with the Tribute For The Legend organized by our student body. A very great singer and when he sings, I can feel the vibe inside me. Sometimes goosebumps. We got 2nd.


Also, the class choir that I didn't expect to get 1st place. I'm just so happy for my fellow classmate for their efforts since this is the last semester we'll be doing this together.

We all have a tiny voice inside. It's how me arrange our notes that'll make even ourselves tremendously amazed.

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