Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random, mindless, stress free

Updating my rock and roll hp playlist to something soothing and easier to listen too. Exams is within one week after all.

Hello peeps. Cleaning up my desktop after finally completing every bit of the assignments given. Sooner there will be more but in the mean time, I’ll just enjoy this few hours mindless and stress free.


Realisation: Sometimes, when people send you an mms or post photos of yourself via facebook, it makes you think.. I mean, I think, hey, that’s the place I’ve been to ; ohh, remember that yummy food we ate at 2am. we were feeling hungry after watching movies on tv.

It makes me terribly missed home. And that picture you took secretly, it makes me wonder how far we went?  How strong have we been? How many miles had we conquer and how many beautiful skies have we seen?
Finally I came to realise how beautiful life is and that I am no longer that person I once was in that picture. 

I've grown and hopefully in the future, with someone I call yea... Mr. Right.

Hello, I'm 158cm-162cm tall depending on whose measuring me. weighing 45kg. Lovely to meet you Mr....?

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Unknown said...

wish you good luck to your coming exam. : )