Friday, March 18, 2011

taking photos along the corridor of the Rungus's long house in Kudat. It looked like leopard skin but it's actually made from tree. Pretty.

Hello lovelies... Sorry for my hiatus. I’ve been again, busy with life. After the co-curriculum torture last February, I assume things would slow down a little this March but, I’ve spoken too soon. I have found myself burning the midnight oil each and every day this March. All the laws, orders, research papers, the life and mind blowing stressful relationship. It all ends up with this post. Assignments rest ashore but the continuation of the unsolved matters will regain its conscious after I finish writing this. I congratulate myself for I have finally found myself getting lazier every day.

 A visit to Desa Cattle. Freaking chilly up there but the view was superb. It's New Zealand look-a-like. Ohh and yummy fresh milk.

p/s : I'll be posting unrelated photos of what happened on February. I'm too lazy to blog about things that happened soo *I think* long ago. I find it doesn't go with the feelings I have for that day. I'd usually blog about things that I found related to the current inner hormone. So I think it's only best if you guys see what I'd been up too. tee hee.

all my love..

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