Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Concludes..

It's almost the end of April. I can't help but blog about awesome April. I am very grateful that this semester, I did all the things I wanted too without EVER being concern about what people might say or do. I am proud of myself for doing things WITHOUT getting so much attached to what I feared of doing without. I am learning to do things independently. I'm trying to be me without EVER thinking people might hate me for it. I just want to live life freely. So here it goes.

 Went on a class trip to Jeram Sanitary Landfills, Kuala Selangor April/26. The place where you would totally lose your appetite and swear never to throw rubbish again. The smell was so horrible, I regretted taking my breakfast that morning. My stomach was not very kind and I feel like vomiting every second even after I cover my nose and mouth with my handkerchief, it still is very excruciating.

 Coming back from landfills, I attended our own course dinner. Did make up on the girls and just a little touch up for me since I'm too lazy to dress up. And the fact that I couldn't see very well during the night, sometimes I hate night events.

The Charity Dinner we did was great. It's even greater when we walk together touring around that unfamiliar place happily. My first day out this semester since the boyfie is thousand miles away from me and I can't afford people seeing me around with someone. But sometimes I just can't resist having a little company around campus. It sweeps away all the IMU feelings.

 ME. Taken candidly by someone close and very annoying sometimes. But still, I love that person. A great friend indeed. Just a bit annoying. LOL. I looked so happy. Ohh, my hair had grown out so long.

I had three changes of costume that night. Only me. So picky. With only two dance performances. Bidayuh, Suluk and Murut costume. Our group got offered to do another one on May but since it's our finals, we decided not to do it.

 I don't like this costume. It made me look like a I'm some kind of a Chinese ghost. I laughed myself all the way wearing it.

Rushed to Our Lady Of Lourdes Chapel, Sg. Buloh the morning after the Charity Dinner event for a solo on Easter Sunday. I hoped I've sang beautifully. I was very nervous.After the mass has ended,  people we're like "Happy Easter, Esther". haha. very funny.

I've been wearing my glasses pretty often this couple of weeks and I found my degrees might have increased. Ohh my. Another trip to the spec shop again this holiday.
 Wish me luck for the finals. I hoped your April was great. GBU all.

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