Sunday, April 10, 2011

message from a blurry picture

Hello people, this is a quick post from the forever busy me. I have found myself being less hardworking than last semester and I feel like, that thing is killing me. I have venture way out of the path I should be taking and I think its effecting my grades. I am so stupid to be going through this thing I can seriously avoid but instead I keep on filling my days with this burden and struggling situation which at times, I found myself cursing at my own beloved self for pouring every last detail of my last semester with this unwanted stuffs. 

Court papers, health promotion, dance practices, class dinner, course dinner.. yep, I have 9 lives and now its down to 3 since I have sacrifice 6 of them for that things I have been busy preparing for.

So only more beautiful 4weeks. I don't want to waste any minutes with emptiness, so I promise I'll cherish every moment I have while my soul still lingers around this son-to-be-momories hostel.

Now, back to torture chamber. 

all moi heart,


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Arms said...

Ola... I like your photo colours ;) Seems you are very busy now. hmm, your pic, I called that pose the duck face haaha :D

btw,the comment above me is sooo loooong. wakakaaka