Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ok. Today I suddenly have the urge to post in Malay so here goes.. *I edited this on notepad because I keep on deleting weird lines*

ya.ya. dun start laughing yet, okay?

Kenapa kita suka benda yang tidak masuk akal? Sebab..sebab.. gah! I can't go on but still, I'd like to try..
Tukar topik pula.

Bila kita jatuh ke jalan yang salah, Dia dengan segala kuasanya biarkan kita jatuh, even ( I dunno how to connect this words in malay ) lebih dalam lagi. Dia biarkan kita bergelumang dalam dosa dengan sedikit cahaya kesedaran menyinari dalam jalan-jalan yang kita lalui. Untuk kita sedari cahaya itu, kita perlu lebih peka akan setiap langkah yang kita... em.. take? LOL. This is hilarious. I'm terrible in this. No wonder I didn't score well in the Bahasa Melayu exam. I don't even know what I'm mumbling about. But still, I do understand so thats not a problem. 

Ohh the things I've achieve greatly so far is.. GOING GREEN. My tummy actually. It's going green and um.. my complexion is getting better after doing this and I feel toxic free, energized ( minus the exam period where I have to carry on with the panda eyes ) and yea, easier for me to cope with the stressing situation I'm going through now. And yes, I can eat chocolates without having to worry about getting fat. But I guess I'm lacking some FAT. LOL. Anyone obese, lend me some of yours. I promise to return it.

#Random : And I wanted to say this, One day I will change and I promise you, you'll be missing sitting next to me. You'll regret doing this to me. My fireworks will burst and I will be what you wouldn't get!

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