Wednesday, April 27, 2011

short presence

Hello people. Sorry for the long absence. Yea, someone noticed and yes here I am blogging about it during lunch time.

My finals is in less then 2 weeks and I just can't wait for it to end. Many plans ahead and still many plans now and it keeps on piling up my schedule. 

Did a couple of things this April. Am still very much busy. Did Harvest Festival Charity dinner on April, 23. What a great experience and performing in front of the VIP is super scary but worth all the effort.

Still, studies is my main priority but I seem to hit the pillow way too early than usual. Its like I'm getting lazier everyday.

Well, I'm probably gonna post the unposted items I have written in my notepad anytime after exam. Even though its long passed, I still want to butt into this blog and pile up my not-so-private life. 

I guess thats it then. Ohh. I'm in love. LOL. Always be. Can't wait 'till May. xoxo

p.s If you find my posts are a bit weird. That means I rush on writing it and without a second thought, hitting the "PUBLISH POST" button. So God bless everyone and a little shout out to my new followers. THANK YOU!

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