Monday, April 4, 2011

this is what you get for messing around with angels.

The thing about blogging is not the words you pour into every line. It's the passion to have for writing it, the things that goes into it and the life circling the whole post. Well, thats my side of the story. Everyone have different opinion don't they?

Hello people, this is me once again going inside this precious blog of mine.

#Fact 1, wake up early this morning 04/04/2011 to catch the early bus for a class trip to Mahkamah Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam. The bus driver went ballistic over 10minutes delay. 
#Fact 2, I just realized to much I kept saying, "I really am going to miss all these people" today. This one goes out to everyone in class. Another few weeks together. It's that little time you spend together that you'll totally miss.
#Fact 3, Its the month of Lent ( fasting for Christian ) but I have this really bad thoughts and it had started operating today. Thank God it doesn't involve murdering, slaying or anything bad you can think of. I'll always love you*
#Fact 4, Everyone's preparing for 2 dinners this month. I haven't even prepared anything yet. I'll just wear bikinis then.
P/S : Don't take granted over what people may act towards you because they might be just helping. 

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