Wednesday, May 25, 2011

all about foods

I was three(3) months away from home. I'd only be home for a month before heading back to Selangor every semester. Thats is why my dad loves to cook delicious foods every time I come home for the holidays. 
The fact that the boys in my family loves deep sea fishing and I love eating fish is a score. Fishes are available all year round at home. I so much like that fact.

 Steamed fish and tofu

Ohh and with lots of meat balls.
Yummy ^^

Last night we had steamboat for dinner. All you can eat steamboat thanks to the boss. I was terribly full.

 They changed the non spicy soup to tom yam. The steam is blowing right on the direction I was sitting. It was super hot, super hot and I was super red, super red.

 Squids, Crab Sticks, Eggs..

 Spot the delicious greenish tofu..

 I love this sau mai and white tofu. I'm a tofu girl. LOL. Now, don't go around calling me tofu girl.

I ate lots of this stuffs that they said I'm eating stuffs I can buy at the supermarket and cook it myself. They said I should be eating fresh foods like squids, clams and seafoods. Ahh.. just let me be. At least I'm happy.

It was fun all together since I only know 4 person there and the fact that I only understand 75% of the whole thing they're saying (all are Chinese). Ahaha.

I'm so craving for sushi now.

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