Monday, May 30, 2011


May is coming to its end. 

I've had a very bad luck this few days. Am really scared of going out. Its like the bad luck hits me every time I step out of the house's territory. It's so creepy. Just this few minutes I discovered that all this bad situation starts happening ever since I saw (I think, I saw) that creepy someone outside the front gate.

 I am so freaking out blogging about this, the fact that I'm home alone right now, even though it day light. Sometimes I thought, maybe its because my lucky Jade ring broke into pieces last week. I have this terrible belief that a broken glass means a very,very,very bad luck.

People say, when you see creepy stuffs, its just your imagination playing around with your head. But thats when you're scared and thinking about it, right? Well, I was on skype the other day and I wasn't even thinking about it. Then I heard someone at the front gate, a car maybe, when I stood up and looked outside, there it* was, standing there. I stood up and sat down and was like.. What the fish was that?! Then bad luck starts pouring in. Only when I'm outside of the house territory that is. Its like the thing is saying,"I'll wait for you out here, OK?" geez.

You won't believe me but that face, gah! the one you saw on tv where a girl got possessed, wearing a white robe, sweaty hair and staring sharp at you. Can't get that out of my head!

Please be nice June. I am really freaking out with all this bad luck. Its not a terribly bad luck, just that its effecting my mind. Its always somewhere between the empty thoughts. I'm forcing myself to keep on thinking. I'd rather be than to have that tiny thing appear in my head. 

"Just as the sun rises each day against the dark of

night. Please bring me clarity with the light of God."


Christy Gwen said...

yerrrr...kin takut...

aestherlyienda said...

my mum said to get "clean" up... I think that thing haf been following me bcoz I've seen it b4.. T.T