Saturday, May 14, 2011

free falling

I end my exam today with a prayer thanking the lord for guiding me throughout the crucial week. I cannot say that I have finally graduated from this semester but, I am happy to receive a very good news regarding our destination for the next 2 more semester. Petaling Jaya. Even though I never did got out of Selangor like I wished for, at least I'm far away from angels and demons.

Hello blogwalkers, its been 5 hours since my last paper and all I can think of is "I can have all this wonderful, normal days again without staring at notes and papers and pilled up words on my STILL unorganized desk". 
Its been a while since I blog.

3am was my curfew since the first day one of my paper, now its unlimited. Movies and everything involving staring at my lovely laptop is all in the stress free schedule.

Chocolates, thick coffee, biscuits, mayonnaise and raisin is what I was made of during the night. Everyone got so into studying that the cafeteria is not a destination during the night. Or maybe thats just me.

Got some company yesterday around midnight. Gave myself a take 5 and angle on some picture of the little buddy.

 Ohh. Just so you're wondering why I put this note up is because, this is the paper I have no confidence at all answering. I can only hope for the best. I got mixed up in all of my notes and yea, I don't really enjoy this subject. Its hard to find anyone interested in it. Perumahan and Sisa Pepejal. I dislike you.

Painted the class awards gifts for our farewell dinner on April 30,2011. Got most creative student. Really? 

I am a free blogger once again. I hope I'll pass all my papers and continue my journey.

P/S : There was question marks in my head when I noticed some of the pictures in my precious blog was somewhere where it wasn't suppose too. I should update my java.


Diana Diane Teo said...

Leave my footprint here from WSB!

By the way, your handwriting are nice and neat. :)

Do feel free to drop by and follow my blog. Cheers :)

aestherlyienda said...

thank you ^^

Unknown said...

hihi.. sa mo tu cukulat..

aestherlyienda said...

^^ haha. bili sana kadai.. ada tu.. kekeke