Tuesday, May 24, 2011

maybe this - just maybe.

Finally, my own private time to blog after 3 days of reaching Kota Kinabalu. Felt sad when people said, I forgot about them just because I didn't tell them I was boarding the plane and that I have landed safely. I feel awkward texting people with guilty feelings. And when they reply slow and have tons of excuses, that means you're out of the picture. 

Anyways, vacation was great. Going around Chinatown eating and eating. Got the taste of the best Hokkien mee I have ever tasted before. Yummy~ I feel like a real tourist going there. It also rained almost every night so, nightlife was cut short every time.

A last, I step my foot at the most talk about (among friends) Genting Highlands. Ohh.. it was fun indeed. We got there early and yes, we played all the outdoor games just in time before it started to rain.

[Happy I should say]

I love the Flying Coaster most. Dislike the Flying Dragon, just because I feel very insecure with the safety of the whole thing. I like the adrenaline pumps but I got scared when I remembered Final Destination. 

 [All I can think of while on this was "what if the cable snap?"]

[The morning view before it rained 2 hours later]

It was fun all together but I feel like something missing. I just don't know why. The blogging aura keeps on fading away thinking about it. Maybe thats also the reason why I keeps on delaying this blog post. FYI, I have 3 more similar post in my blog draft. Blogged about all this but I don't know.. I feel like there's something missing. Thats why I have 3 similar draft - soulless draft I would say.

Hows your days been doing. Sabahan, are you ready for the festival? See you on the 31st. Don't forget to say hi when you see me. ^^

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