Monday, May 16, 2011


went on a sweaty jog this morning. I wish I could do that again tomorrow and everyday after that. It's so healthy.

I have pilled up bags at the corner of my room, an almost empty closet, naked bed and some leftover foods on the small desk and the things I don't know what to do on the study table.

Hello people of the earth, I'm finally packing my stuffs and going home this weekend leaving this college for good. But wait, am I not packing way to early for the weekend? Ohh.. I'm going on a vacation before going back. The fiancée bought direct flight here for me. How sweet.

I got migraine planning all the last minute detail since the fiancée is busy with work. And after all that exam stress, I still have my panda eyes due to planning. 

I wish I'm not a perfectionist, so I could just go with the details, be selfish and enjoy my beauty sleep. But no, I either force myself to think or just stare at the ceiling thinking about it. 

I still have tons of stuffs to pack. 

until then earthlings
Enjoy your holidays! Peace Out!


aemynadira said...

I love to read all your posts. Seems like we got some things in common, like, including more photos from Tumblr in an entry. Hehe. Happy holiday, anyway ^^

aestherlyienda said...

yay for something in common....!!