Saturday, May 21, 2011


Life is like an empty white canvas. You paint your way to achieve a beautiful masterpiece. 
Hello people, this is your girl Esther blogging tiredly here at LCCT while waiting for our flight tomorrow morning. What! Tomorrow morning? Yep. Tomorrow morning. But I don't mind waiting here because I have the fiancée playing psp next to me. A wonderful moment it is. Me Loike!

Vacation was fun. Thanks to him. Will be blogging about it once I reach Kota Kinabalu. Besides, the pictures' still in camera. Too lazy to go through all the stuffs. Forgot where the camera is actually. tee hee.

Ohh.. this is going to be a short post since I'm going to exchange lappy with psp. Addicted to this game here..

See you blogwalkers soon okhay. Ohh.. Hello to all my new WSB followers. I love you guys!

p/s : I don't rely only to my cbox to see whether people follow or not. I check every detail. So don't waste your time writing lines like... bla.bla.bla followed you* when you actually didn't. Shame on you. Finding followers like that doesn't determine whether your blog is good or brilliant as the numbers of followers shows, it shows how many sinful lies you wrote on their walls. Have you ever heard of liers go to h*ll?. muahaha. Just kidding. No hard rock feelings ok people. 


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