Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Breakfast Stories

what did you had for breakfast today?

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."

Adelle Davis(1904 - 1974)

I was an active scout back when I was in primary and secondary school. I used to participate in camping so often. One thing I'm not used to is taking breakfast. I would throw up every time and have this mind set that I'm not a morning person or maybe my tummy aren't up for foods in the morning.

Off cereal and raisins

After I went to college, instant noodles became my everyday dinner just because I'm so lazy to go to the cafeteria and buy food. I just don't like crowded places. Until, I learned how carcinogenic instant noodle can be and that my mum always remind me not to eat maggie so often. So I changed my diet. I cut down on the instant noodle intake and started to buy breads, instant drinks and focus on breakfast. After 8hours of sleeping, you had you have dinner. It's like breaking your 8hours fast during sleep and that doesn't mean by only drinking some water.

This biscuit is so yummy. I want more..

Skipping breakfast in order to lose weight is a big mistake and is counter productive because it actually slows your metabolism and can lead to over eating.

Sure, you can tell yourself that you will have a bigger lunch, or you could just make to with a cup of coffee as your ‘so called breakfast’.. but nothing can substitute having a good breakfast. Breakfast always will be the important meal of the day. It helps kick-start your metabolism levels for the day, which is crucial to weight loss.

A study once conducted found that although skipping breakfast may seem a good way to eliminate calories, breakfast skippers tend to be fatter than breakfast eaters. And when people eat a larger-than-normal breakfast, they end up eating almost 100 fewer calories by the end of the day, an amount that can help your weight loss efforts.
So, for me, you can skip lunch, tea and even dinner but not breakfast because I have gastric problems so breakfast is like my most important meal of the day. I'd have acid pumps in my tummy every time I skip breakfast. But thats just me.

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Anonymous said...

i think most of us were like that when we were kids. stomach won't accept bfast. yep, n i don't believe in eating less and lesser is good.

still, enjoy eating! haha

aestherlyienda said...

hahahha.... agreed. ^^

Cinoi said...

The biscuit looks like candy. marshmellow something.

I never skipped my bfast! love koko crunh n milk so