Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All About Me : Day 03


I seriously not in the mood to blog today. Last night I thought of giving up on this 30 days challenge. I just think, having planned blog topics is so not creative at all. Its like I'm stucked in a box with limited things to play around with. Its just so not me at all. Still, I'm doing this. Its just day 03 and I'm thinking of giving up already? So much for effort huh?

Lets just continue with today's challenge, shall we? 
Like I've mentioned on my last post here, I'm not much of a movie person, same goes with watching television. I'd usually end up muting the tv and let it watch me instead.

Just that you know, my favorite channels are National Geographic and Discovery Channel.
Personal favorite is Man Vs Wild, CSI Series, Criminal Minds and Law & Order.

Adventure has a face and a kind of a weird name. Bear Grylls. I love him.

I love all the CSI Series equally. 

I little dosage of Criminal Minds in the morning.

Of course, Law & Order SVU

I have to admit it, I love crime solving series and just plain reality [no drama] shows.

I'm a NERD.

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ead ~ said...

ughh. i oso dun like planned topics. i was thinking about giving up on mine too but..teruskan saja la. hehe