Thursday, June 23, 2011

All About Me : Day 04


I almost gave up on this today.
I pura-pura lupa so I won't have to blog about it. Then put myself in busy mode but still, here I am.

Today was cam whore day with my siblings. 

I present to you my siblings. Well, at least half of them.

Gosh. That's not the topic today, is it? Back to square one.

My favorite book (gah!) of all time was this one book I spent days reading. A book in titled, Summer. I forgot the author since its almost 10 years ago.

I prefer English novels than malay's. That's how I've improved my English. Ever since I started college, I never seem to find myself sitting in the library with books on my hands again. I meant, novels of course. Nowadays, its only my papers, notes and thick, confusing study books. The last time I visited was March 2011. The days when I struggle to finish my law papers. haha. Again with my studies.

My brother and I film a short song cover. I might be uploading it tomorrow. If it rains then that means its uploaded. 


Visited the hairdresser.

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Chell said...

yay! this challenge sounds interesting! somehow, in some way, this helps a lot about finding the real us, although not a lot.. anyway, keep it up!