Saturday, June 25, 2011

All About Me : Day 06


20 of my favourite things? You got to be kidding me. I don’t have 20 favourite things. I can’t even think any 7 of my favourite things. Godamnit! [erk! Sorry] let’s try this.

01. As much as I hate socializing, I’ve always cherish my time with my family in the living room watching some movies and laughing together.

02. I love going to school. I meant, studying has always been my main priority since forever. I’d really like to stay out of drama but, sometimes you have to break a few hearts to get what you want. You’re not living your life for other people you know.

03. I’ve always fancied vintage stuffs. Clothing, jewellery [even though I don’t wear much]

04. I love dancing. Been dancing since I was 6. I can dance for hours and never stop. I’m not a great dancer but as long as people get entertained, I’m happy.

05. Love singing but only as a hobby. Nothing more. I get pretty much nervous on stage. Sometimes it affects my performance.

06. I’ve always love painting. I’ve blogged about this before. When you paint, the world is like another dimension. The world suddenly becomes silent.

07. I find photography a great way to capture the world at its best.
08. I love being creative. Well, that sums up to what I’ve list down from 04, right? I love going through the internet finding stuffs I find interesting, worth trying and well, end up with two thumbs up.

09. I love animals.
10. I love summer more than anything else.
11. I like writing.
12. I love make up [who doesn’t?]
13. I prefer ballerina flats than high heels.

14. I love tying my hair up in a bun.
15. I really love hugs and kisses. I seriously does. I’m addicted to it.
16. I love going out on a date.
17. Loves milk, greentea and um green apples.
18. Still am very adventurous.
19. The guitar. Just because it keeps me company.
20. The beach!

You know, some of these favourite things I list here is just random stuffs passing through my head right now. I can’t agree 100% that this is my 20 most favourite things but, I can say it’s what I randomly find myself doing.


Wen said...

aha.. i am currently doing this meme too! It needs commitment.. Almost giving up on this..

Finie Ramos said...

So adorable...

btw, amik course apa d cosmo? ^_^

aestherlyienda said...

Wency : I tried giving up everyday ^-^
Finie : Ambil business. Sdh grad pun. Then sambung lagi medic. jauh terpesong dari business....

Finie Ramos said...

whooaahh~~but u got talent in graphic design!you should take DIPMA or grahic design ba tu~ huhuuhuh

pst:u recognize me ka?ur 'senior' at cosmo..hehehe

aestherlyienda said...

Talent in Graphics? hurm.... I don't know. I self thought myself.. hua3. I nvr did knew what DIPMA learn back then. I only knew it was hard. lmfao.