Sunday, June 26, 2011

All About Me : Day 07


Hello again people. It’s getting so annoying having to blog every day. Macam terpaksa pula. And I’m beginning to like blogging in bahasa. Tapi I found ada juga readers saya mcm today, mostly from different countries. So I am so not ready to blog fully in bahasa.

camwhore Sunday : fedora 
I don’t have any pictures that make me happy. I seriously don’t. I keep on browsing through my picture folders and I just can’t find any pictures that I found happy just by looking at it.

I do have many, once but when things goes wrong [drama], that happy picture doesn’t seems like a happy picture anymore. Its more sad and grudged picture which, if printed out I’ll definitely cut it out and make voodoo doll out of it.

How to do this thing if I don’t have any ohh wait...

It’s not a photo of me but a snap from one of my favourite movie off all time. The Notebook. And why on earth didn’t I put this movie on my favourite movie list? It’s because I still love The Grinch more than this.

Now, have you watched this movie? Well, its recommended to all you love birds out there. Winks.

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