Friday, June 17, 2011

Butterfly Fly Away

Its friday peeps. How was your week? 

Been really bored. I noticed how I kept on uploading "centuries ago" pictures in my blog so, I've decided to take new pictures today. Just to freshen up my creative side. 

I've used this butterflies crafts to decorate our class last semester and again for our legendary assignment. Tried to find the picture of the assignment but its missing. Maybe I've misplaced it somewhere in my ocean wide picture folder. I thought I've posted the picture sometime ago here but everything's a blur for me. I'm getting old. I know. Heee..

Anyways, aside from decorations, you can also use it as an accessories. 


Two braided bangs, a twisted half updo and cute butterflies to go with it. Pretty neat don't you think so? It's easy to do, fast and cheap. 

Just cut a butterfly shape onto a folded piece of paper and unfold the wings. Use a scissor to make the wings curve inward. It will look more realistic.

Its like having real butterflies resting on your hair.

Good luck.

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