Thursday, June 9, 2011


A picture of me, last year during spring break. I looked happy, don't you think so?

konnichiwa ^^, Ogen kideska?
 [hello ^^, how are you?]
I'm drooling over food pictures on the internet this very second. Was craving for Chawanmushi for sometime now. So I thought, rather than waiting for Japanese food day out which I don't even know when will that be happening, I decided to Google it. Yes, I've said it, Google has everything. When I say everything means YES, you can find simple easy-to-do Chawanmushi. Who says you can't have Japanese food at home? Thumbs up for another culinary achievement. yay!

Photo courtesy of Tess's Japanese Kitchen
I'm so in love with her blog.

So, Chawanmushi is an egg custard dish found in Japan, usually eaten as an appetizer. The custard consists of an egg mixture flavored with soy sauce,dashi, and mirin, with numerous ingredients such as shiitake mushroomskamaboko, and boiled shrimp placed into a tea-cup-like container. The recipe for the dish is similar to that of Chinese steamed eggs, but the toppings may often differ.

Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I often think that one Chanwanmushi is not enough for me. So making my own is like heaven. onomnom.. Chawanmushi recipe was a success today! By the time I finished eating it, I realized that I forgot to snap a picture of the success dish. 


• 100 gms Chicken breast (boneless) 
• 80 gms Baked ell (pieces) 
• 6 Mushrooms 
• 6 Shrimps 
• 2 Eggs 
• 400 ml Fresh fish stock 
• 4 tsp Soy sauce 
• 1 tbsp Parsley stalks

How to make Chawan Mushi:
Cut chicken into pieces.
Peel the shrimps.
Sprinkle the chicken with soy sauce.
Mix baked ell, mushrooms, shrimps and parsley stalks.
Beat the eggs and add fresh stock.
Now add soy sauce.
Put the mushroom mixture in separate bowls.
Pour in egg mixture.
Put over medium heat and steam.
Chawan Mushi is ready.

Goodluck and Enjoy.

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