Monday, June 6, 2011


Bonjour bloggers. 
Got back from the dentist again. Its not that painful. Nope. Not even a pinch.. OK I lied. Its so awfully painful. I got blood stain on my lips. Waited about an hour, finished in just 3minutes. All together, I was paralyzed from the right jaw up. Can't even feel my right eyes. I thought I looked weird after they drug me. The blood haven't stopped since.

No blood stain? No? Maybe because this picture is 3 months ago. Tee Hee
I can only watch the siblings eat that delicious breakfast after I finished my routine. 
*stomach growling*

#7 Tukar kapas gigitan jika telah basah
[FACT] mine habis sudah~ how to tukar ohh..?

#3 Jangan gigit lidah... WTFish! 

A shout out to all my followers : Stretch that mouth. Smile! 

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