Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello bloggers. Its been a while. Was out of town this couple of days and there's some stuff to be attend too. Spring break will be over in a couple of week. Its been a slow holiday since there's no attachment this semester. Cooking and cleaning the house was my main priority while going online was my daily routine. There are two baby tortoise at home which I sang "kura kura" every time I go back for dinner. Everything changes at home, well at least some of it and it leaves me wondering, what else will change the next time I come home for holiday.

Ohh yea, I missed Origami Wednesday. Hit the pillow early yesterday. I've been filling up my times catching some Zzz this couple of days. Need the beauty sleep, since I haven't been catching much this few days. Sometimes I think I have Insomnia. 

Some negative thinking.

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