Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Origami Shuriken

Its Wednesday. What do you expect? An origami of course!
TODAY : The ninja you'll never be. Well, at least you have the Shuriken. [hehe]

How to make an origami ninja star? Or what ninjas called it, a Shuriken, an ancient ninja weapon!
Ohh, sorry for the blurry Shuriken. I have a unsteady hand today. Also, for the very late post.

Just follow the step by step picture below. Thats how I did it. So lazy to read the instructions. 
But if you prefer guided instruction then, you can visit this awesome site I found. 

tadaa! Here's my outcome. The fiancee kept throwing it at me. Gah!
Like the blogger mentioned at the end of their post, I too want to advice you not to throw it at people or animals!

Good luck.


Joevilee Badu said...

wah! bulih jadi ninja udah klu pndai buat shuriken.... hehe..

Fadzmie said...

Lepas ni boleh try buat ni pakai besi. Baru real. Real fun. Hehe.

wordless wednesday #2

aestherlyienda said...

haha. lucu. klu pakai besi mo extra tools tu... tukul. ^^