Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Origami Daisy

bonjour tout le monde. Qu'avez-vous à ce couple de jours? Le temps est si chaud, ne pensez-vous pas?
[Hello readers. What have you been up to this couple of days? The weather is so hot, don't you think so?]

I've been attending my French class. Thanks to Google *giggles*

I've been spending my wonderful days alone at home since it burning hot outside. Its like, you have to wear SPF3000 every time you step out.

So I'd like to unofficially call today, the Origami Wednesday. Since the clinic is super pack with patients today, I decided to postponed my regular check up this Friday

Fact #1 : I prefer daisy than roses. 

I stumble upon this super easy to do origami site. Tried almost all the tutorials. heehee. But I'm only going to show you guys my Daisy, since my only intention was trying to figure out how to do origami Daisy.

 My very first attempt of the Daisy. It ripped of at the edges. 

See, it got ripped off. And at its very last step. I was so pissed off. I lost motivation doing it after, but then I tried again. ^^ Practice makes perfect! Well, its not perfect but at least its better.

My, I think 4th attempt of the Daisy. It took me 16minutes. LOL. What a noob. 

Pretty isn't it? Go and try it yourself. Just to fill up you time between those missing response in your facebook. Here's the site. 

Let me see what you did OK? Let me know. Ohh please let me know.

Try something new everyday. It's not always pretty but, at least you've tried, right?

Give yourself a pat at the back. *clap.clap*

Good luck everyone. au revoir

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