Wednesday, July 20, 2011

all around town.

People often have the intention to see you crumble down from what you've achieve. I've just received a very devastating news and its not nice for a girl like me. Having people pointed out things you have never did in life is even worst. The fact that you never did meet some of this people is seriously strange. I kept on asking myself,"why do this kind of people love so much making out stories when they don't even know an inch about myself?"

Pointing out and describing me as the penampang girl is so terrible. Those words I heard so much coming out from anyone describing someone really bad. I'd really like to kick those people's butt but I myself am very confused since I have never did stay in at my fiancee's hometown any longer than 3 days for the past 4 years and people already making out stories. All I did was staying around the house. It's just so confusing.
"Orang cakap kite macam mereke tu baik sangat ke?"

Ohh come on. You can have all the lame lights you need. Just give me back my life.

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