Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My current schedule have been hectic. I'm all complains. The day I went to meet some upper level people from the government is like the worst day of my life. Everyday is like a new tiring day to go through. I have pimples popping out here and there, my face turns crab stick red everyday, my eyes is always so dry from wearing my lenses (I refuse to wear my spec) and the highway is just so confusing. Its just a matter of time before my tummy give up and throw up on either of my course mate.

Fact : I still don't know which is Subang Jaya district, Shah Alam or Petaling. gOsh! And the sections, my oh! my. My brain shrunk, head turns side to side when our trainer ask about the sections.

I don't think I'll be blogging sometime after today. Another program had been planned for us. Weekend work.
The good side of working in health industry is that, you help people when no one else would. No one would see the way we see it but as long as we're doing a good deed, its all green light for me. I'm not always up to this kind of a sudden challenge or last minute schedule but I'm open to whatever it is given to me.
I'll blog about it.

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