Friday, July 8, 2011


Maybe I'm just someone stubborn, ego and unpredictably, incapable of doing something I force myself not too. Yes, I understand the consequences of being a hothead (as you may call it) and holding on to this stupid decision struck into my head a couple of days ago. It was a lie when people say, keeping yourself busy will eventually help you forget about everything. That's a lie, a lie I tell you.

I wish it could be easier. Officially, I'm missing you. I don't think I could pick myself up when it all falls apart.

I'm starting to lose patient, the fact that you've forgotten about me. Wish it wasn't taking so long for it to fade out, settle in and calm my nerves. My hormones are jumping every time I do something to close the distance. Music helps me escape from the reality I live in.

For all the sweetest moment I missed most, the things we hoped but did not happen, the things we wish we did before we went our separate ways and all those dreamy days we had together, I really hope its going to last but no, I know it won't. Falling is hard but I'm learning to let it go. 

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