Saturday, July 2, 2011

four days compilation


First off all, I would like to officially declare my retirement in the All About Me In 30 Days Challenge. Didn't get to update my blog. Only today I get to sit back, relax and stare at my laptop screen for as long as I can. Its been a hectic day since Wednesday. I had to drag all my stuffs out of the television room at my hostel back at KSKB, to the front gate, then into the taxi, up on the 3rd floor of my now-new-home for the next whole year, unpack all the stuffs, arrange, buy some essential stuffs and by the end of the three days, my hands, hips and thighs are aching. All I needed was a nice undisturbed sleep.

 I never realized how much make up I own until I decided to release the craken from my make up bag. It was taking way too much space inside my luggage. So I decided to put it in a small (I Think) bag. Gosh. Now that I'm not performing in college anymore, It seems too much. 


 Fact : The new home was once a hospital. Kuala Lumpur Hospital to be exact, before they moved to the new hospital. Now, its 9.28pm. I won't elaborate more on that. Lord, protect my soul.

 The beautiful clouds 38 thousand feet above sea level.

Camwhoring in the car. I can't believe I'm in Kuala Lumpur already and midvalley is 5 minutes away. I'm so going to be wasting money.

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