Thursday, July 28, 2011

fudge popsicles

Fudge popsicles must be fudgy. And chewy. And chocolaty. There are rules and you just can’t go and change the way fudge popsicles are supposed to taste.

So I found this very interesting site. I just love site surfing. I figured, now that I have so many sites bookmarked, I might as well share it with my readers.

I'm gonna try this one day. Who doesn't love chocolate?

Stumble upon this yummy stuffs at smitten kitchen
Been drooling over it for a couple of hours now. Its awkward since I don't even know how it taste like and I'm pretty much hungry coming back from work. I'm imagining this thing right inside my head.
I'm sure it taste marvelous. Am so hungry! 

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