Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I just noticed the green coloured door along the dark narrow hallway to the water cooler downstairs. And OMgosh! The doors to the outer balcony are so old. What I meant by old is that, the designs is like the one I grow up with watching old movies on the television. 

It’s a mixed weather today. There were thunders a couple of minutes pass 4.30pm before it started to rain. Then, suddenly it stopped. The Kuala Lumpur tower lost sight among the fogs after the shower. The sky is somewhat grey-ish in colour as I peak through my dusty old window. I took a couple of picture on my webcam as my roommate sleep silently on her bed. I wonder what my love is doing. It’s only been a week and I have truly missed him.

The place I described to you is vintage. I love that. But I also love colours. This place is so lacking of colour burst and I'm beginning to feel dull inside. Just like the colour of the building next to ours. Too much pastel is just so sad.

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