Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July, 27

Been busy. I think my brain is not functioning very well. I just can't keep my eyes open. Am so tired this few days. I just don't know why I have my brain set up to all the deadlines. I'm pushing myself way too hard on the reports. Not getting enough sleep, waking up early, dealing with people at the office, dealing with patients,dealing with relationships; I'm having a major break down. This is probably why I'm so good at forgetting the fact that I have a life outside studies and work. Sometimes I wish, I was an EMOTICON instead, where every expression it represents makes people believe its the real feelings you're having that very second.

I really don't care if someone ask me out on a date this very second. I'm extremely in need of a break.

I recently discovered that my BMI is 15.xx. To think it the positive way, I told myself the machine that did all the BMI calculation is broken. I'm normal. =)

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