Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Long Hours.

The dark corridor is empty once again. Early this week, the post basic nurses checked into the hostel. They'll be staying here until September. The new neighbors woke up as early as 5:00 am. The sounds of the water splashing against the floor in the bathroom woke me up everyday. Its really frustrating at first since I really need the beauty sleep. The recent task had been hectic and I need all the energy I can get from sleeping. Its the 12th day since the last time me and the girls had a long nice undisturbed sleep. Woke up early to catch the early meeting and coming home sometime around 8:30 pm. I'm super tired. Having to complete all the reports and diary had me calculating my sleep for a mere 4-6 hours maximum per day. If this was college then I won't mind juggling around the clock but this is reality, no longer theory, no longer some lines I read on a piece of white paper, its the real thing and I need all the energy I can get to make that thing happen for real. No more imaginations and mock situation in front of the class. Its that moment when someone pinch you, it hurts.

pH : !#@$#  Turbidity : !@#$$%

Water Sampling at Sunway Lagoon. It was tiring.

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