Sunday, July 3, 2011

The New Home

It’s Sunday. Got nowhere to go. Real working task starts tomorrow at 8 o’clock. I’m nervous and so afraid I’ll not fit in. I’m afraid being me will make people think I’m being fake again. Gosh! I wish mum was here to prove I’m exactly what I was since Jan, 06, 19**.

Have new roommate (sa taw ko sedang baca ni). She’s funny and yea, she replaced my Spongebob. Now, I have Squidward with me.

The building we’re staying is not that bad. At least we’re not living on the streets. The maroon coloured closet have this old rusted wood smell to it. We have this big pin up board expanding from our own study table to ¾ of my bed. The table is just above my bed. It’s kind of attached. I changed the centuries-ago table wrapper to a brand new greenish-brown wrapper. It looked a lot better. The curtains are blue, the walls are light pink, everything is almost vintage coloured, pastel, consist of woods and simple which is nice.

My wooden frame window overlooks the Kuala Lumpur tower. It’s partially blocked by two big trees. The dorm next to ours is somewhat empty, waiting for post basic student to move in by the 18th of this month. Our hallway is narrow and dark but it’s not that scary. It tends to get overly warm during the night. I’d be awake several times during the night with aching body which I find very weird, and it’s only been my 3rd night here.

I looked tired. Noticed something different?

I’m feeling like a fat pig. So I decided to lower the food intake. I ate variations of foods during the holidays that I think had affected my complexion. Acne is growing like mushroom after the rain. Eat well people.

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oneheartyheart said...

Haha.. bgus2 kamu sana si squidward pun k. :D keep in touch.