Sunday, July 24, 2011

today was a tragedy

There's always something bothering me. I think blogging had become a serious drug inside my vine. The symptoms are severe and I've been acting pretty much abnormal to the naked eyes.

Or maybe its because my laptop is a couple of steps away from the ICU ward. Thanks to facebook, my laptop has now a little companion called the worm. Ohh and yes, congratulation to the person who received the top up I mistakenly credited to their account.
&& I just found out today, boys can act overly sensitive when it comes to relationship. Menyakitkan hati betul la. Hujung minggu depan mok g enjoy, tenangkan fikiran dulu. Hopefully case tidak berlambak dekat office tu. Please no Sputum test.
If I could stay overnight outside, then I'll call that a successful mental theraphy. 

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