Thursday, July 7, 2011


I landed on the no-so-comfortable bed as soon as I set foot inside the dull room. It was a tiring day. I fell asleep on the way home. The go-sees went pretty smooth after 2pm. 

There were kids at the fire department when we arrive there shortly after 10am. All wearing red colored shirt. I was day dreaming all throughout a short presentation by the chief of the fire department. I was just lucky he didn't ask any random questions.

I'm adjusting, trying to fit in but its hard. The spicy, oily foods at the cafeteria is really ruining my diet thus, I have decided to skip dinner anytime I can. The streets of Kuala Lumpur is always so busy. The cars are as furious as you can see on television. The traffic jam are not to be mention. Its always so scary walking alone to the Kelana jaya line and its also always a heartache watching lovey dovey couple walking hand-in-hand realizing my other half is thousand of kilometers across the South China Sea. C'est la vie.

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Aki said...

uina,urang KL ba sudah ko ni.. Hehehe.. Kelana Jaya masi ok lagi ba.. ^_^.v..